Deodorizing Dog wipes and Your Furball

Dog wipes aren’t a replacement for a quality dog bath. Short of buying an expensive dog bath, there really isn’t any other way to ensure your dog’s well-being. In fact, dog wipes aren’t even a replacement for a thorough, routine grooming session. In short, dog wipes aren’t even good enough for spot cleaning at all. Far too often, dog wipes, whether used as a dog wash or as a spot cleaner, are used for just wiping wet paws clean. It’s also a smart idea to wipe down your dogs paws before a long walk in the forest or a short trip to the park.

Like humans, our pets can become smelly at times, especially if they have been out and about in foul weather. In many cases, our furry friends don’t even smell their own fur! The goal then becomes to attempt to limit the amount of moisture that gets into their ears, nose, and eyes so that their odor stays put and doesn’t get worse. One way that we’ve found to accomplish this is to give our pet dog wipes to wipe down with.

DhohOo Organic Pet Wipes
DhohOo Organic Pet Wipes

The right size dog wipes is critical here. For smaller dogs, a pair of portable, thin dog wipes will do. You can also get larger ones that are slightly thinner. These packs contain eight pieces of disposable paper towels, which should be plenty for most moderate-sized dogs.

For larger dogs, we recommend a thick, waterproof dog wipes with a sticky residue remover. Some of these wipes even have a self-healing quality, which will help keep smudges to a minimum. You can find these products in packs of eight, or you can purchase a larger pack and save some of that money for something else, like treats for your dog. Some people like to use dog wipes that come along with a recipe for a treat.

Some people are allergic to the feel of disposable dog wipes. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them, though. If you happen to have a dog or cat that has a special dietary requirement, you’ll want to look for hypoallergenic options. Hypoallergenic wipes often have an alternative fragrance, instead of using scented detergent. A good alternative would be a vegan friendly, non-toxic fragrance.

Finally, if you’re not allergic to wipes for dogs but prefer a softer surface, consider a dog bath wipes. Unlike regular dog wipes, bath wipes aren’t made with a strong scent or antibacterial agent. They are very gentle on your dog’s skin and have a special absorbing pad that absorbs up to 30% of its weight in water, so it won’t leave any residue behind. The best kind are those that have a “scent lock” so the pet will know when it’s time to replace it. It’s important to note that most bath products, especially the ones designed for humans, are actually considered a grooming product and therefore may not be sold at pet stores in your area.

Baby wipes, on the other hand, are made with a sensitive skin care formula and they’re great for dealing with teething problems and rashes. Since they aren’t designed for use on animals, you’ll want to read the labels carefully to make sure there aren’t any animal-derived ingredients. Baby wipes often come in small containers that keep them from tipping over as you’re taking a bath. These kinds of dog wipes also often have disposable strips, so you can remove them and put them in a pocket or your purse. They also dry quickly and you can simply toss them in the dishwasher.

If you’re still concerned about that smell after taking your furry friend to the groomer, don’t worry. Dog groomers usually disinfect their equipment using a disinfectant solution. The problem is that most dogs can’t stand the smell of chlorine, which is why they get it from their paws. To deal with this problem, many groomers use commercial puppy wipes that contain ethylene oxide, which is very similar to the scent found in real fur (though it’s much less pungent). While the solution doesn’t kill the smell, it does make your furball smelling antiseptic in just a few days. Just make sure you wipe down the paws of your pup with a wet towel after getting through the grooming session.

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