Eleaf Mini iStick-How To Use It

The Eleaf Mini iStick 2 Kit offers everything a nice little electronic mod in the least small size. The manual and auto mode in one unit; Fully select your favorite vaporizing style between pull- activated and button- activate mechanisms. This kit is great for people who use their mod several times a day, and who want to have more than one device to help them control their smoking habit. It also makes it easy to replace your old device when you get tired of the way it smokes. When you are finished, simply pop the bottom on top of your other device to remove it.

The Mini iStick is an excellent vaporizer and it has a lot of advanced features, which is good for a newbie who wants to become familiar with mod devices. The built in calculator tells you how much you need to fill your tank or e-liquid container and will calculate how long it will take to reach the recommended vaporizing time for your target flavor. If you are a beginner in vaporizing then this calculator will help you with your calculations. Also the unit has an alarm, which will tell you when the liquid has already reached its target flavor.

eleaf mini istick

The light ring located on the front side of the Eleaf mini iStick reminds you that it is fully charged. When it is charging, a light ring will blink and then turn solid blue when fully charged. The LED digital display is clear and displays everything in great detail such as battery life percentage, wattage, temperature, current, voltage, decibe and maximum power. You can clearly see which wattage you are using, what temperature you are heating it to and if you are close to filling up your reservoir. There is a power saving feature that allows you to turn off the power when not in use.

When it comes to durability, size and looks combined, the Eleaf mini is ticked all the way. It has a great sturdy case that will protect it from getting beat up, dropped or banged around. The battery capacity is only one tenth of what some other modding kits offer, but it fills that tiny package with enough power to get the job done. And the clocks that hum and talk and even play music have a battery capacity that will last you a very long time indeed.

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